About Us

Who We are?

  • We are a minority owned business. We take great pride in our culture of diversity and collaboration.
  • We believe this ethos of collaboration between our team members from various backgrounds is fundamental to our brand’s success.
  • We understand the immense importance of the varying perspectives our team members provide, derived from differing life circumstances that collectively shape our vision to provide the best products for all customers.
  • This synergy is essential to our understanding of how diverse the American market is and embodies our belief of what is possible when we come together to achieve a common goal.

Community First

As a small Chicago company,
we are dedicated to
our local community.

Our commitment to our local community
and the trust they place in our brand enables us
to engage a broad market and maximize the
utility we provide.

Chicago epitomizes the beautiful possibilities
of collaboration, and our brand strives to serve
the vibrant cultures and communities that
define our city.

Together, We Thrive

Our mission is for our brand to provide access to e-mobility for all, across cultures and socioeconomic strata.

We strive to achieve this level of accessibility through our competitive pricing and outreach programs.

We firmly believe that supporting broad access and providing the greatest value to our customers is a net positive for our brand.

Through lower margins, our brand provides access to high-quality e-mobility products and exemplifies our appreciation of the trust we receive from our customers.



Our brand strives to provide customers with the greatest value possible by providing the best possible products at the most competitive prices on the market.


Our brand is driven by constant innovation and our products incorporate the best features and technology available, without passing additional costs to our customers.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable


The detrimental effect of reliance on conventional modes of transportation on our environment provided a powerful catalyst for our brand to formulate viable alternatives.


Integral to our ethos is empowering consumers and helping communities through environmentally-friendly alternative means of transportation.

We All Just Want to Have Fun!

Our brand’s overarching commitment to community, inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability are all interconnected through our dedication to providing a fun, safe experience for our customers.

Our models are designed for both young customers, and those young at heart.

The variety of our brand’s products provide an enjoyable, thrilling experience for both kids and adults.

The quality and dedication we place in our designs and manufacturing ensure our customers will enjoy an e-mobility experience of a lifetime!

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